The RITe™ Platform produces an easy-to-take orally disintegrating tablet that rapidly infuses an active ingredient through the tissue in the cheek – enabling therapeutic effects quickly and efficiently

RITe™ tablets are smaller than a U.S. dime and disintegrate in under 3 seconds.

Once placed against your cheek, RITe™ tablets disintegrate and gently adhere to the soft tissue in your mouth, rapidly infusing the therapeutic ingredient.

Delivering medications through this highly vascularized tissue avoids the destructive acidic environment of the gastrointestinal tract and first-pass metabolism – resulting in superior absorption to traditional oral formulations for certain pharmaceutical compounds.

Our tablets enhance bioavailability, increase uptake of the medication and act faster than traditional formulations, with less active ingredient needed to achieve therapeutic effects.

  • Easier to Take than a Pill

    RITe™ tablets disintegrate rapidly, without the need for water, and are not designed to be swallowed

  • Fast Action

    Rapid absorption enables therapeutic effects faster than traditional oral formulations

  • Enhanced Bioavailability

    Achieving therapeutic effects at lower doses and unlocking more of the active ingredient for therapeutic action

  • Improved Safety Profiles

    Lower doses and avoidance of presystemic metabolism may reduce the potential for unwanted side effects and safety concerns

  • Superior Patient Experience

    RITe™ tablets virtually disappear when placed in the mouth, leave no grit, and possess superior taste masking over other oral solutions

  • Durable, Portable, Highly stable

    Unique cGMP manufacturing and integrated packaging process yields a compact, lightweight tablet with a robust storage profile

Created to enable a wide range of therapeutic ingredients to work quickly and efficiently in the body.

With rapid disintegration time, enhanced absorption profiles and advanced flavor masking capabilities, the RITe™ Platform can improve treatment outcomes and patient experiences.

We are developing a variety of products that benefit from fast action or are currently delivered via inefficient or unpleasant means to better serve patients.

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