ORAVEXX™ (cannabidiol)

Our lead program utilizing the RITe™ Platform to manage pain and inflammation

Patients in pain can’t wait.

Inadequately managed pain can lead to adverse physical and psychological patient outcomes, extended lengths of stay in hospital and readmissions. Untreated pain can become chronic, which can cause a cascade of detrimental effects including suppression of the immune system, and negative impact on the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and renal systems.     

Pain management medications are essential medications. However, the over-prescription of pain management medication including opioids has created a significant challenge for the medical community and an epidemic of unthinkable scale in the US.     

It is critically important to patients, doctors, and regulators, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), that alternative pain management therapies be developed.

At Orcosa, we are committed to working side-by-side with our colleagues to provide these new, advanced treatment options patients need.

It begins with ORAVEXX, a non-addictive proprietary cannabidiol (CBD) composition for the management of pain and inflammation, currently being studied in clinical trials.

While early academic research supports CBD as a pain treatment, non-GMP manufactured products with inaccurate dosing, poor bioavailability, and difficult administration have made comprehensive empirical studies impractical.

ORAVEXX addresses these issues and, in combination with our true placebo, offers researchers the opportunity to accurately determine the safety and efficacy of CBD treatment through randomized controlled clinical trials.

Medical researchers have recognized the significant promise of ORAVEXX, and we are proud to support ongoing FDA-authorized investigator-initiated clinical trials at leading American research institutions to continue to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of ORAVEXX as an alternative treatment to opioid therapy for pain management.

*ORAVEXX is an investigational drug and is not currently approved for use by any health authority.

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