Orcosa Comments on Positive Results from One-Year Follow-Up Study to NYU Langone’s Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial Utilizing ORAVEXX™ for Acute Postoperative Pain

Ewing, NJ – February 5, 2024 – Orcosa Inc. (“Orcosa” or the “Company”), a life sciences company modernizing the way medicines are taken through its next generation drug delivery technology – the Rapid Infusion Technology (RITe™) Platform – today announced positive results from a one-year follow-up study to the Phase 1/2 clinical trial utilizing Orcosa’s lead product candidate, ORAVEXX™ (cannabidiol, CBD). The groundbreaking Phase 1/2 trial, which was conducted jointly at NYU Langone and Baptist Health/Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute and led by Principal Investigator Dr. Michael J. Alaia of NYU Langone, demonstrated that cannabidiol (CBD) administered utilizing the RITe™ Platform effectively reduces pain after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair (“ARCR”) with no safety concerns.

The one-year follow-up study evaluated patient-reported outcomes among patients who underwent ARCR and received buccally absorbed CBD or an identical placebo for postoperative pain management. The study, published in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, concluded that perioperative use of CBD for pain control among patients undergoing ARCR did not result in any significant deficits in pain, satisfaction, or patient-reported outcomes at one year postoperatively compared with a placebo control group. 

These findings indicate that CBD can be considered in a postoperative multimodal pain management regimen without detrimental effects on outcome. For more information on the results of the study, please read the publication, “Cannabidiol for Postoperative Pain Control After Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Demonstrates No Deficits in Patient-Reported Outcomes Versus Placebo” on the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine’s website here.


ORAVEXX™ is a non-addictive proprietary cannabidiol composition that utilizes the RITe™ Platform to treat pain and has the potential to provide a safe, alternative treatment option to opioids and NSAIDs. Historically, research on the effects of CBD has been limited by a variety of issues including inaccurate dosing, low bioavailability, difficult administration, and a lack of GMP-manufactured products with matching placebos with which to conduct clinical research. ORAVEXX™ is being developed to address these issues associated with unreliable and inefficient orally delivered CBD and provide researchers the opportunity to evaluate CBD more accurately in clinical trials.

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Orcosa is a life sciences company modernizing the way medicines are taken by combining cutting edge drug delivery with targeted therapeutics to improve patient outcomes. The company has developed the proprietary Rapid Infusion Technology (RITe™) Platform, a fast acting, easy-to-take tablet engineered to enhance drug absorption. Orcosa is building a robust pipeline of therapies utilizing the RITe™ Platform to provide transformative medicines for people with chronic and serious diseases. For more information on Orcosa, please visit https://www.orcosa.com.

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